Keeping in mind that marriage is one of the most important part of a person’s life, you would want to marry the right person and have as perfect a wedding as is humanely possible. However, the fast changing times have brought forward new needs and associated problems. This is where Dreamweddings© comes in. We will leave no stone unturned to ensure that you meet the perfect match and that your wedding is an unforgettable one.


Simple and uncomplicated

Your journey towards a life of marital bliss begins once you register with us. It is an uncomplicated process. Just drop in at our office in Kandevsthan, Kupondole (Lalitpur) and fill up a simple form. Once you do so, we get to work finding the right match for you.


An Enjoyable Experience

Marriages, even if they are made in heaven, do not happen without conscious effort to find the right life partner. And, no more can we depend on the traditional ways which are, in fact, fast disappearing. Dreamweddings© will find the right partner for you through careful evaluation of your likes and dislikes and meticulous compatibility studies so that in the end, you meet the right person to spend the rest of your life happily with.


Any place you ask for, we will make it possible

Now that you have found someone you think could be right for you, the next step is to get to know him/her better. Dreamweddings© will arrange a date for you at a place and a time that is convenient for both of you so that you can further explore your compatibility. It goes without saying that, in case you both get along well, you can always set-up further dates by yourselves.

Kundali Match

Why leave it to chance alone?

No matter how modern the times, one cannot disregard tradition, especially not for a life-changing event like marriage. Dreamweddings© will arrange for your kundalis to be matched by the most knowledgeable astrologers in the country. We believe it would be wise to listen to the wisdom of our forefathers and the tried and tested methods of our ancient tradition.


Time for commitment—let’s do it in style

Some might like to get married straight away, that’s fine, but there are others who would (for various reasons) first want to be engaged for a certain period of time. An engagement is a wonderful event where the happiness is shared by family and friends on both sides. It is a cause for joyous celebration. Dreamweddings© will be glad to organize a great engagement party for you, something that will amplify the cheer and goodwill.

Bachelor party (him and her)

Celebrate the last day of your freedom before marriage

Well, it is true that you are happy to get married, but it is also true that your last days of being free as a bird are over once you do so. Therefore, just before the big day, you would want to have an all-boys or all-girls bachelor party with close friends to say goodbye to your single days. This too we will arrange for you. Dreamweddings© will make sure that you have such a rollicking time you will not want the night to end!


Designing, set-up and everything else

Leave it to Dreamweddings© to make your “Big Day” perfect in every respect. We will conceptualize and bring to fruition, an exceptional Wedding Theme; we will select the best Venues, ensure a delicious Banquet and arrange for the liveliest Entertainment; we will set-up appointments with the best Beauty Experts and coordinate the most suitable Clothes and Accessories; we will make arrangements for a Priest for the ceremonies and we will ensure that you have a well-made Video and beautiful Photographs to remember the occasion by. We will also take care that your Invitation Cards are impressive and that your guests receive Gifts after the wedding that they will treasure forever.

Wedding Theme

The secret to a great event is the overall theme, one that is not only creatively conceptualized, but also executed accordingly. Little details matter as do the big ones. Dreamweddings© will design and set-up all the right props in line with a uniquely outstanding theme. We will take your consultations on the matter and choose the theme in sync with time, place, season and budget.


In order to make any party a success, the importance of the venue cannot be over-emphasized. In fact, it is the venue (size/capacity, location, parking facilities, etc.) that will, more often than not, determine plans involving sitting and dining arrangements, entertainment programs and so on.


After all is said and done, it is the quality of food and drinks served which leaves the last impression at most events. This is perhaps more so at weddings. Therefore, we at Dreamweddings© will take special care that there will be absolutely no reason to complain and in fact, much that will be appreciated about your wedding Banquet. We will also arrange to have a specially made Wedding Cake for you, one that will be another much talked about feature of your “Big Day”.

Band Bajaa

No wedding can be complete without some fanfare and what could be more fitting than a Band Bajaa complete with glittering uniforms and shining musical instruments? Dreamweddings© will arrange for an excellent troupe to play melodious tunes at your marriage to liven up the environment.


Nowadays, beside good food and excellent ambience, guests expect to be regaled with classy entertainment at wedding parties. No matter what your particular preference, you can trust us to deliver the best of entertainment services available, from traditional song and dance routines to the most modern. Dreamweddings© will make sure that your party sizzles and is talked about by your guests long after the wedding is over.

Beauty and Fitness

No doubt you will already be glowing with excitement on your “Big Day”, but still, let’s not discount the need for seeking help from expert hands so as to look the best you can on this momentous occasion. Dreamweddings© will arrange priority appointments for you with the best beauticians and fitness trainers in good time so that you literally become the shining star of the event. Also, because Mehendi is such an important element at weddings, we will see to it that you get the best Mehendi services possible.


Honeymoon—Tours and Travels

Your dream honeymoon, anywhere you want

Having married your ideal life partner, it is time for an extended period to get to know each other intimately. You deserve it. A Honeymoon is the most romantic and enjoyable period of any couple’s life. However, if not managed well, it can be quite a hassle that will take the spark out of this most romantic of occasions. Let Dreamweddings© plan and organize your Honeymoon. We will ensure that it is totally hassle-free, leaving you both completely at ease and carefree to make the most of your special vacation.

Anniversary Parties

Bring back the sweet memories

It is the most important date for any husband and wife—the Anniversary—a celebration of the day when your life changed forever, and for the better. Some couples may prefer to have a scaled down version while others may want to do it big. Then, of course, there are the special occasions such as the Silver Anniversary, the Golden Anniversary, the Diamond Anniversary, and so on. Whatever the occasion and whatever your preference, Dreamweddings© will create such an event as to bring back a flood of memories that will ensure greater intimacy and togetherness in the future as well.


Pre-marital and marital counselling

While we wish and hope that all marriages are successful, we do realize that sometimes, a marriage can do with some help to iron out the creases and smoothen out problems. No doubt, marriages can be quite complicated affairs, after all, they bring about drastic changes to one’s lifestyle. So, we at Dreamweddings© have set up a Counselling Division to ensure that no couple calls it quits without first giving their marriage a good chance to succeed. We will provide both Pre-marital and Marital Counselling. We believe that if one can nip problems in the bud, then there is more chance of success in overcoming problems. We will provide a quality skill-based pre-marital education experience to couples who need help. Besides, many people need to understand what they are getting into and the high degree of commitment involved in marriage, so we also recommend Pre-marital Counselling as a very useful requisite for a happily married life later.



Dreamweddings© not only has expertise in organizing and managing elaborate Wedding related ceremonies and celebrations but also in holding effective and result oriented Corporate Events. We understand the needs of organizations in the modern business world and we also realize that every such occasion is conducted with some particular purpose in mind. Thus, we will make sure that we sit down with you to first get the complete picture in terms of your strategy and goal in holding your event. We will then act accordingly to organize proceedings in such a manner as to make your event purposeful, effective and a grand success.


Your children are the most precious assets you have. They deserve all the happiness you can give them. Occasions like Birthdays, Graduations, etc. are occasions that call for a celebration. Leave it us at Dreamweddings© to make such occasions a time of great joy and happiness for your kids and their friends. We will do all we can to convey your love and affection through Parties that will be enjoyed thoroughly by all.


In today’s fast paced world, there is precious little time for people to meet regularly but that is no excuse for not keeping in touch with your near and dear ones. Dreamweddings© will ensure that you do so at cozy Get-togethers organized at convenient locations at suitable times where you can sit down in comfort with friends and colleagues to enjoy a much needed break. You can be assured that you will have such a good time, you will want to do so again and again.


In our culture, there are numerous occasions for celebrations, such as a number of ceremonies to do with expectant mothers, birth, coming of age, etc. as well as many festivals. We at Dreamweddings© are at your service to conduct such celebratory events in a classy and stylish manner where you can sit back, relax and take complete enjoyment of the occasion.

Interior Solutions

A marriage is a new start of a new life. Perhaps you would desire to create the right atmosphere for this new beginning and naturally, re-doing the interiors of your room would be a good way of doing so. Let Dreamweddings© do it for you. We offer expert interior solutions by experienced interior designers who will ensure that your new life together is spent in cozy, comfortable and intimate surroundings.


DreamWeddings© Inauguration

We are having a small Puja on January 28, 2012 (Saturday) to inaugurate our company DreamWeddings©. Around a hundred guests have been invited which includes family members, close friends and clients.

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